Chiron Retrograde 2019

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The comet Chiron is just as mysterious as it is magical, and it's hard to believe this celestial entity is actually a comet. So if Chiron is a comet, then what is Chiron retrograde, and how will it manifest within you? According to astrology, this retrograde is here to teach you a thing or two about self-love. Chiron is a symbol of humanity's deepest wound, as well as our attempts to tend to this wound throughout our lifetimes. If you're wondering what's so great about something related to repressed pain and trauma, all I'm going to say is that there's always a silver lining in astrology.

CHIRON IN ARIES: FEB. 18, 2019 - APR. 14, 2027

After seven years traveling through the depths of mystical Pisces, Chiron entered Mars-ruled Aries in February, where it will remain until 2027. In Pisces, Chiron promoted healing through creativity, self-expression, and the imagination, teaching everyone the true meaning of universal love. In Aries, however, Chiron is now teaching everyone how to tap into their personal identity, both fearlessly and unapologetically.

It's no coincidence the motto for Aries is "I am," because that's exactly what you're being taught to embrace. This transit goes much deeper than Aries' competitive nature, as it is totally aligned with your individual purpose and personal truth in this lifetime. Chiron in Aries is here to help you tap into your inner warrior and ultimately learn to have faith within yourself.

During this time, reflect on the following: Who are you without the influence of the world around you? Are you being true to your heart's desires? What's stopping you from standing in your power? Chiron in Aries is about standing up for yourself, despite everyone else's opinions. It's time to be exactly who you are. Love yourself, and walk your own path.


So what exactly can you expect from Chiron retrograde in Aries? When this complex comet slows down, its essence will be greatly emphasized. But aside from that, this retrograde cycle will give you the opportunity to really connect the dots on the things that need healing within you. How can you release those wounds? This is your chance to start again.

For instance, if your own insecurities were making you feel stagnant in your path or perhaps desperately anxious, Chiron retrograde is here to help you rewire your mind, body, and soul. Say goodbye to the painful patterns that once stifled your personal growth and individual truth. Doing so means you'll likely confront situations that once brought you anger, but know it's just part of the process.

Chiron retrograde wants to help you feel whole again, and in warrior-like Aries, even more so. Find the will, and hold on to your courage. You are entitled to your self-confidence and you're allowed to celebrate your wins, regardless of how "annoying" it might seem to others. Bask in your glory, and fight for your right to love yourself. You deserve it.

By Valerie Mesa


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