Full Moon in Taurus 2019

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By Valerie Mesa

Abundantly radiant and exalted in the sensual sign of Taurus, November’s full moon will shed light on your deepest desires, despite how forbidden or taboo-like, in order for you to fully indulge in your five senses. Keep in mind, when the moon reaches her peak of fullness, she unapologetically sits directly across the bold sun which, in turn, symbolizes the divine feminine and masculine energies (yin and yang) coming face-to-face to enkindle harmony between both our emotional and physical reality. The sun represents your outer world, physical identity, and ego; it’s how you express yourself in the physical dimension, and shine your unique light with the rest of the world. The moon, on the other hand, represents your inner world, shadow self and emotional intelligence. Her iridescent light beams shed light on your innermost feelings and intuitive instincts.

The divine order of the zodiac wheel is always important to consider, especially when referring to the essence of a specific archetype. For instance, Aries’ cardinal fire propels you forward, while igniting your inner courage. Taurus’ fixed earth, on the other hand, wants you to stop and smell the roses, in order to fully absorb the beauty that exists all around you. Take your sweet time, and indulge in your sensual delights. The essence of pleasure-seeking Taurus teaches us the beauty in being fully present, while living in the here and now, in order to truly bask in the fruits of your hard labor. Ruled by delicious Venus, slow-moving Taurus expresses its fixed earth via the five senses; hence its Venusian charms come alive in the physical form. Art, com- fort, banking, hearty meals, and sensual touch, are some Taurus’ favorite things.

With that being said, a blessed full moon will adorn the velvet night — at exactly 19 degrees Taurus — on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Remember, Taurus is a symbol of abundance, earth, and the physical form. Scorpio, its polar opposite, is a symbol of death, transformation, and the un- derworld. Needless to say, Taurus and Scorpio are very much connected, and while the Sun in Scorpio brings us closer to our deepest desires, the Taurus full moon will shed light on what you need in order to manifest the abundance you crave. Sitting directly opposite of Mercury Rx — trine dreamy Neptune, sextile powerful Pluto — this lunation is here to remind you of the power you possess in the third dimension, both physically and mentally, given the mercurial influence. With the moon trine structured Saturn, there’s also an emotional influence in regard to the way we treat Mother Earth, and the planet at large.

Last but not least, go-getter Mars, planet of assertion, desire and sex, will sextile lucky Jupiter, planet of expansion and faith, in opportunity-loving Sagittarius. What does this mean, exactly? Well, everything you’ve been dreaming towards could finally start to see fruition. Put it this way: Mars takes action and Jupiter provides the infinite possibilities. Saturn, planet of structures and foundations, will also be making an exact trine to Neptune, planet of dreams and universal compassion. In other words, this is where your dreams (Neptune) can officially start to mani- fest (Saturn) themselves. In the end, this Venus-ruled lunation serves as a reminder that the blessings we obtain are a reflection of our infinite spirit. It’s time to reap all that you have sown.

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