Mars enters Leo 2019

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By Valerie Mesa

Lights. Camera. Action! Go-getter Mars, planet of assertion, energy, and sex, enters charismatic Leo on July 1, which means it's time to celebrate what makes you completely unique. And while your Mars in Leo 2019 horoscope goes way beyond hogging the spotlight, Leo's attention-seeking personality will most certainly influence your actions during this time. Remember, Leo rules the heart and Mars is the planet of desire, which means this astrological transit is here to help you pursue whatever your heart desires. Only — there's a catch.

On the dark side, there's a difference between someone who's confident and someone who is just plain arrogant. Mars in Leo has no trouble being the center of attention, but you don't want that going to your head. Every astrological transit has its pros and cons, so keeping a healthy balance is key. Leo thrives on praise and recognition, and that's something everyone deserves. Though you can't expect to be treated like a leader without leading by example.
Leo Mars in Leo

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