Mars enters Virgo 2019

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By Valerie Mesa

On Aug. 18, assertive Mars, celestial bachelor and God of War, placed his feet firmly on ground after experiencing a powerful renewal via Leo's flamboyant fixed fires. The warrior planet is a symbol of our instinctual desires as it is the planet of assertion, energy and red-hot passion. Majestic and regal, go-getter Mars expresses itself with confidence, courage and glimmering pride when in the sign of cinematic Leo. Do you love what you do? Are you living your individual truth? This creative transit brought you closer to your inner child and sparkling authenticity, but now it's time to set your unique desires and creative visions in motion. I'm not going to lie; combining both of these celestial energies can seem somewhat like an oxymoron. Imagine, Mars is rash, impatient and hot-headed while Virgo is analytical, discreet and detail-oriented. However, don't be fooled nor discouraged by their innate differences. Together, they make quite the dynamic duo and it's because they have one very important thing in common: They don't waste time. Your energy flows to what you focus on, and with Mars in Virgo energy is directed towards efficiency, purification and general improvement. How can you perfect your craft? Are you making the most of your day-to-day life? This is an excellent time to create a healthy routine for yourself, and perhaps even develop a skill. Consistency is key, and time is precious.

Leo virgo

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