Mars in Libra 2019

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The red-hot planet is now in justice-seeking Libra where it is in detriment, given Venus-ruled Libra’s desire to compromise and keep the peace. Autonomous Mars is the planet of action, passion, sex and energy; Libra is a symbol of justice, relationships and balance.

Evidently, the planet of assertion isn’t living its best life when in the sign of the scales; Libra struggles with making decisions, and Mars takes charge unapologetically. Nevertheless, despite the distinctive polarity between both of these celestial energies, the fire of Mars in Libra is about going to war for what’s fair. While disagreements aren’t typically common during this transit either, it’s important to choose your battles wisely; don’t deny your truth in order to keep the peace. Fight for your rights, too.

By Valerie Mesa

libra Mars in Libra

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