Mars in Scorpio

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In the murky depths of Scorpio, Mars the warrior attains victory without drawing his sword. A visceral battle of midnight with an unquenchable thirst for bloodshed, the god of rage is constantly at war with the ghosts of his unconscious, amidst responding to the hypnotic pull of his defenses. Here, the warrior planet experiences a violent storm of emotional turmoil stemming from the fear of bitter betrayals, and the wounds of past-life karma. His arrowhead drips of wicked venom, like the poisonous sting of the scorpion tail, inhuman and deadly vicious. The howling of these undeniable forces and unseen savagery will continue echoing through the underworld for all eternity… but Mars will rise and emerge like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Relentlessly driven with razor-sharp focus, Mars in Scorpio is ferociously fixated on meeting its goal, and taking action towards its target. In Scorpio, the warrior planet always has an agenda, and it’s not going anywhere until it’s completed.

Mars will be in Scorpio ♏︎ all throughout Sagittarius season ♐︎ Wondering how this charismatic transit will affect you? Download your copy of AS ABOVE SO BELOW - SAGITTARIUS on Friday, November 22 to read more on Valerie Mesa's interpretation on Mars in Scorpio and much much more!

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