Mars square Pluto

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Mars ♂ square Pluto ♇: Your Cosmic Resurrection ︱ “In astrology, a square aspect occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart. This is equivalent to a battle of wills, because neither of the planets involved are willing to compromise. Mars is the planet of action, assertion, desire, energy and war; Pluto is the planet of death, obsession, power, sex and transformation. Something else to keep in mind is, Mars expresses itself in a physical and impulsive way, while Pluto prefers to exploit the buried secrets living deep within our psyche. Now, with both of these celestial energies forming challenging aspects to one another, we're given no choice but to take the necessary action.

*HINT: Mars in Libra is diplomatic, justice-seeking and incredibly indecisive; it goes to war for equality and fights to maintain balance. Pluto in Capricorn is destroying previously-set structures and negative patterns that no longer serve our highest truth; it's revealing the areas in our lives where we need to take back our power.* So, how can we make use of Mars in Libra's diplomacy and Pluto in Capricorn's transformative energy? With a brand new decade upon us, one thing's for sure: It's time we take appropriate action towards our long-term goals, especially in the areas where we we feel resistance and/or distracted. What do you stand for? What's stopping you from stepping into your power?

It's time we start channeling your soul's truth, because if we don't break these toxic patterns once and for all, history will continue to repeat itself. Who do you want to be in 2020, and for the rest of your life? Consider this your very own celestial purge from the heavens. Where has your power been taken away from you? Take it back. Take it back and confront the murky undercurrents that are stifling you from living your very best life. Set the necessary boundaries. This is your cosmic resurrection."

-Valerie Mesa

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