Mercury enters Leo 2019

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“Mercury, the mischievous messenger planet, enters Leo on 6/26 + will station retrograde on 7/7. *This means we’re getting a double-dose of Mercury in Leo... at least until it re-enters Cancer on 7/19, of course.* Mercury transits are always interesting. But when you think of the messenger planet shapeshifting through the zodiac wheel from audacious Aries all the way through mystical Pisces, you can't help but admire the unique attributes that exist within each celestial archetype. Savvy Mercury governs all things related to your day-to-day life, cognitive functioning, and local community, so there's really no escaping the essence of Leo, whether you're a fan of this energy or not. Imagine, Mercury is slowing down, so this only emphasizes the essence of the sign it's traveling through. And while Leo basks in the thought of being center-of-attention, this retrograde could also serve as an instigator of sorts, especially when it involves the ego. Mercury Rx in Leo can easily make our tempers flare, given the lion's overbearing pride. So make sure to avoid petty arguments during this time. Instead, use this time wisely to tap into your creative muse, and inner child. This is an excellent time for playful encounters, and creative brainstorming. So use your words to spread love and light with the rest of the world.” -Valerie Mesa
Leo Mercury in Leo

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