New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse

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Do you ever think about the person you truly are at your core, despite society's conditioning? Cancer is a symbol of your inner world, ancestral lineage & emotional foundation. Take a deep breath. A new moon solar eclipse will take place on July 2 in the sign of Cancer, followed by a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16. This is the second series of eclipses taking place via the Cancer-Capricorn axis, as the first took place on July 12, 2018. And while some of us are already acquainted with this energy, themes from July 2000 & 2011 could also be resurfacing during this time. Pay attention. 

Eclipses are powerful moon phases that generate life-changing events. This can bring either a new beginning or a much-needed ending, as it is a cosmic push from the heavens forcing you to take action you never considered possible. The eclipse on 7/2 will be a total solar eclipse, as the moon will be between the earth & the sun, which in turn leaves us with no light. Think about it, how can we see where we're going without the light? Surrendering to the universe is essential to your eclipse journey. Trust the process.

This eclipse is about self reflection, emotional processing & ancestral healing. It’s time we learn how to nurture ourselves, despite the previously-set structures of our upbringing. With an opposition to Saturn, Pluto & the SN in Capricorn, we're finally tuning into what matters most: our emotional truth & the family karma deeply embedded in our DNA. Tomorrow's solar eclipse is a powerful gateway to your new beginning & a sextile to Uranus could greet you with unexpected abundance in the process. A trine to dreamy Neptune serves as a reminder to surrender to the divine.

By Valerie Mesa

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