New Moon in LEO 2019

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“There will be a dazzling new moon in the courageous sign of the lion on Wednesday, July 31. And while it’s curtains down as la luna begins to renew itself, the show must go on. The new moon phase is for planting seeds with the intention of starting again, and in the case of glamorous Leo, themes related to creativity, joy, self-expression, passion, and your sparkling individuality, hold the key to your new beginning. What did you learn about yourself this past eclipse season? Are you ready to conceive a brand new version of you? Everything is a matter of willingness, and Leo season is here to shed its light on what makes you absolutely extraordinary. Scared of being in the spotlight? Ruled by the ever-burning sun — a powerful life force and the center of the solar system — Leo’s majestic light beams serve as a reminder that we were all born with an innate power and unique dharma. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ANOTHER YOU. What’s stopping you from taking the lead? Conjunct pleasure-seeking Venus with a challenging square to rebellious Uranus, this royal lunation is burning with flamboyant passion and glowing with pride… but there could also be an insatiable urge to rebel. So be extra mindful of how and where you’re starting drama, because this celestial combo has a very large ego. On a brighter note, if channeled correctly, this eccentric aspect could serve as an artistic muse with a whole lot of pizzazz — the choice is yours. Mercury direct is honestly the grand finale of this cinematic lunation, but its revealing opposition to powerful Pluto can also resurface conversations, thoughts, and emotional triggers we’ve repressed all throughout eclipse season. My advice? Leo is a fixed-fire sign, so put it in the fire. Write down everything you’re ready to let go of — in order to live your very best life — and burn it. Set yourself free and start again.”


By Valerie Mesa

Leo newmoon

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