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"The year is divided into four seasons, which correspond to the four phases of the sun's orbit and the four phases of the moon. If you really think about it, you'll notice that there is a close connection between the seasons and the phases of life. For instance, spring is a symbol of birth, while summer represents one's childhood. Autumn represents adulthood and winter, old age, which essentially leads to death. It may sound grim, but the seasons are about the circle of life. The symbolism of life and death is also a representation of the two yearly solstices associated with the light and the dark. The winter solstice, also referred to as midwinter, is the peak of winter when the darkness overpowers the day, longer than any other time of year. The summer solstice, on June 21, represents the heart of summer, when the light rules the day longer than any other time in the year — same goes for noon and midnight. The sun is the strongest at noon, or mid-day, while the night reaches its ultimate potential every night at midnight. Mother Nature is simply brilliant. Happy Summer Solstice!" -Valerie Mesa






summer solstice

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