Venus enters Scorpio

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Venus, mother of orgasms and celestial femme fatale, has concluded her charming honeymoon in her home sign Libra, where she basked in a number of eloquent conversations, and amorous romances. After indulging in beauty and relationship building, Venus stripped herself of the ego and vanished into the Netherworld, where the King of Hell, aka Pluto, resides. As you probably already know, there is nothing easy going about sneaky Scorpio, which is, essentially, why this mystifying transit could be a challenge for the Goddess of first class. ⠀

Venus in Scorpio is passionately devoted and commits ‘til death do us part, as long as the one she fixates on submits to her intimidatingly powerful love language. Here’s where the Goddess of Temptation is being challenged to surrender to love, despite her undeniable intensity and insatiable need for emotional security. Intoxicatingly seductive, this tantalizing transit is here to help you make amends with the fallen angels dancing on the other side of your reflection. Your scars are part of your charm; your darkest secrets are peering out of your eyes, and sometimes love feels a little like witchcraft.

By Valerie Mesa

Scorpio Venus in Scorpio

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