Virgo Season 2019

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Virgo Season 2019 Is About Polishing Your Everyday Skills & Getting Back To Business

By Valerie Mesa

Whenever I think about the essence of meticulous Virgo, the first person who comes to mind is Beyoncé. Sounds superficial, but this is the best way to fully describe what an evolved Virgo is capable of. So, if there's something that should keep you motivated during Virgo season 2019, it's that you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé. However, despite the sincere admiration I have for the legendary Virgo songstress, something as simple as being mindful of your due diligence, while making the most out of your day-to-day routine, are some of Virgo's favorite things.


If you have any Virgos in your life, you'll notice their innate desire to be of service. The more intricate, detail-oriented, and time-consuming, the more dedicated your friendly neighborhood Virgo is to making it a possibility. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people might very well struggle with Virgo's insatiable perfectionism, but it's important to take their critiques with an open mind. In fact, if a Virgo is taking time out of their busy schedule to critique you, it means they care about you.

Virgo Season: Aug. 23 — Sept. 23, 2019

Nothing against Leos, but Virgos are sort of like the evolved version of Leos. Think about it: Leo is all about celebrating your authenticity and having enough courage to follow your heart, right? Well, the essence of Virgo also encourages you to be your most authentic self, with the exception that Virgo also wants you to utilize these innate gifts for a good cause.

Needless to say, Virgo season is a time to critique, polish, and perfect your individual craft. What did you learn about yourself during Leo season? Virgo prefers quality over quantity any day; therefore, this astrological season is all about putting in the work. This, of course, could be personally or professionally. However, one thing's for sure: The more practical the better.

Ruled by curious Mercury, planet of communication, mobility and cognitive functioning, Virgo season is for checking in on your health and day-to-day duties. How can you make your life easier? Is your daily routine currently aligned with your mind, body, and soul? Virgo wants nothing more than to fill you in on the intricate details because every part of the equation counts.

Virgo season is here to teach you the advantages of good hygiene, to-do lists, consistent routines, general productivity, and mindfulness. I know this sounds like a list of chores your guardian gave you as a kid, but what can I say? Practice makes perfect and perfect makes, well... perfection — but, rest assured, once you get through Virgo season, you'll be feeling more than accomplished. So get to work!


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