Welcome, Libra Season 2019

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By Valerie Mesa

After discovering the things that bring you joy during Leo season, you create a system where you can put those things in motion for the greater good during Virgo season. Once Libra season rolls around, however, your sense of individuality is complete; hence you're able to share those unique parts of you with another soul. With that being said, the sun enters Libra on the fall equinox, Sept. 23 — when we experience equal amounts of daylight & darkness — and Libra is the sign of equality. Nothing is coincidence; without balance, there is no stability; without stability, you can't really experience harmony.

Sitting directly opposite of self-centered Aries, the sun in Libra will inspire you to look outside of yourself, in order to experience fulfillment. Ruled by delightful Venus, Libra prefers to find common ground, as opposed to pioneering Aries, who can't resist a good challenge. What makes you similar to the people around you? What is your definition of compromise? With the help of justice-seeking Libra, making amends with an old friend might turn out to be easier than you think. The Libra archetype is depicted by the symbol of the scales, which is why it is essential to consider both sides of the story throughout this astrological season.

Fun fact: Venus' planetary symbol is also a representation of the goddess Aphrodite's hand mirror. Why? Well, Libra’s essence is a reflection of its surroundings, and in more ways than one. It's as if they discovered parts of themselves via their 1:1 relationships, and other social interactions. Then again, don’t we all? The fall is a mysterious season, but its obscurity creates the perfect atmosphere to not only fall in love, but to also unveil parts of us we never knew existed. Wishing you an abundantly blessed autumnal equinox!


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